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Friday 14 Jun 2024
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Rural and ecotourism near Chepelare

The village of Bogutevo is a small village, that has beautiful authentic houses, diverse scenery, interesting customs and traditions and hospitable people. Several houses offer food and accommodation to tourists. Locals show a high level of readiness for joint actions to improve the look and feeling of the village and create conditions for the development of tourism.


The village of Hvoyna is located right on road connecting Plovdiv and Smolyan. This is a good place where tourists can start their hiking routes in the region. The hiking trails lead to mountain chalets and other nearby villages. There are categorized guest houses, offering 42 beds accommodation. Most of the houses available for rest are owned by local families who are very hospitable and friendly.


The village of Orehovo is a picturesque colorful place situated beside the river Oreshitsa. It is an important exit point towards the chalets "Persenk", "Kabata", "Rocky Bridges", "Wonderful Bridges" , the area of “Byala cherkva” and the natural phenomenon- Wonderful Bridges.

The “Association in Tourism - Orehovo village” was founded here. The village offers the most well developed rural and ecotourism available in the region of the Chepelare municipality. It offers 100 places for rest and relaxation inside private homes. In the village of Orehovo there is a historical-ethnographic museum collection in the library "Rodope future". It contains all the tools and objects used in everyday life of local people up to the mid twentieth century. The exhibition has a rich archaeological material; some of the findings are of value, especially ceramics.


The village of Pavelsko is situated 2 km to the left of the main road Plovdiv - Smolyan. 14 km from Pavelsko is chalet Pashaliytsa which is visited all year round by Bulgarian and foreign tourists. There are categorized guest houses offering 29 beds for accommodation. A number of tourist routes pass through the village. For that purpose many of the local traditions and customs have been restored to show tourists the local customs, folklore and ethnographic characteristics.


The village of Progled is located 1370 meters above sea level. The village is 4 km from the resort. Progled is small but remarkable with its natural scenery, past and present. It’s a resort town with traditions, suitable for summer vacation and winter skiing. Progled is one of the rare places in the Balkans where, from mid-June to early July you can see the picturesque Rhodope lilium which is included in the "Red Book" of rare and endangered species. There are categorized guest houses offering 60 beds for accommodation. Tourists can enjoy the ski runs of Pamporovo, as well as those of Chepelare.


The village of Zabardo is located 13 km from the main road Plovdiv - Smolyan. Near the village is situated the natural phenomenon "Wonderful Bridges", visited annually by thousands of tourists. In the "Hristo Botev" library functions a Center for Traditional Culture, Tourism and Sustainable Development ethnographic exhibition. It holds a large amount of artifacts, skillfully combined with carved panels, each piece from the exhibition can be purchased. The "zabardovsko wheel" is a famous local attraction. The locals claim their wheel came before the Vienna Ferris Wheel. Today in the village square you can see and spin around the reconstructed by memory and photos from the early nineteenth century carousel. It is made entirely of wood, and its diameter is 6 meters. In the past it was a place where the young would banter. The girls would get on it and the boys would turn the wheel by hand. There are categorized guest houses offering up to 20 accommodations.


The village of Zornitsa is located 7 km from the town of Chepelare. The area is suitable for mountain sports, riding, long walks and skiing. A number of tourist routes start from the village and lead to chalets “Sunrise”,”Pamporovo”, “Wonderful bridges”, “Shiroka Luka” and others. The village has a house that can accommodate up to 14 people.





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