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Friday 14 Jun 2024
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Restaurant Rhodope Chanove 1 – Pamporovo

Restaurant Rhodope Chanove 1 is located in the central part of Pamporovo. With its vintage Rhodope architecture, the restaurant is attracting its customers as soon as they enter the resort.

The cozy, warm atmosphere, the large fireplace and the barbeque will help you feel the true atmosphere of the Rhodope Mountains.

Our kitchen will make you forget about all your cares and problems, and simply enjoy the irresistible taste of the dishes. Inside the restaurant you can try tradition Bulgarian cuisine, Rhodope specialties, specialties from our personal farm, prepared with grandma’s special recipes, such as: sheep's milk and cheese, goat cheese, cream cheese, stuffed turkey, Smilyan beans with ribs in oven stew, sauerkraut with ribs and sausage in a pot, spicy chicken legs, roasted lamb in the oven, fish specialties marudnik /Rhodope pancakes/, tikalnik, patatnik, pitas, barbecue, beef, suckling pig roasts, Stanimashki Cabbage rolls and others.

The restaurant offers more dishes and specialties of BBQ, incredible steaks, huge selection of salads, hot appetizers, quick snacks and many others.

After a wonderful lunch or dinner, be sure to try the incredible Rhodope traditional desserts. Homemade preserves, homemade fig jam, roasted pumpkin with honey and walnuts, Rhodope yogurt with fig jam and other homemade jams.

 And it's all served with a variety of drinks and wines. When you're with us must try the unique taste of Asenovgrad Mavrud wine.

Visit us and don't forget our motto - "Eat, drink and say good words"

 Phone number: 0309 58 212


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