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Tuesday 23 Jul 2024
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Astronomical observatory “Rozhen”

The national astronomical observatory (NAO) “Rozhen” - Rozhen is the largest astronomical observatory in Southeastern Europe and the Balkans. It is equipped with six telescopes: a universal 2 meter Chretien Coude (Ritchey-Chretien-Coude or RCC), a Carl Zeiss Jena reflector, 50/70 Schmidt, 60 cm Cassegrain, 15 cm solar coronagraph, 30 cm MAEDE, 18 cm Meniscas Cassegrain. NAO “Rozhen” provides observations on a wide class of astronomical and astrophysical tasks - from the dynamics and physics of bodies in the Solar system to extragalactic studies: asteroids and comets, the spectra of stars of different classes and types of variability, star clusters, close and distant galaxies, quasars. Observatory code: 071.

National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen was officially opened on 03.13.1981, but the regular observational work on research programs dates back to September 1979. It is the largest single investment in Bulgarian research infrastructure (over 12 million leva) and is still the largest astronomical observatory in the Balkans and the Southeast European region as a whole. It is located in the Rhodope Mountains, built on Mount Rozhen, near Chepelare. It is managed by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Astronomy.

 On July the 10th, 2010 the observatory discovered its very first extra-solar planet, naming it WASP-3c.




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