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Tuesday 23 Jul 2024
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Natural landmarks and protected areas around Chepelare

Rocky phenomenon "The Wonderful Bridges" - "Erkyupriya" next to the village of Zabardo - three natural bridges over the small river "Aidarsko dere", forming one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the Rhodope Mountains.



Rocky phenomenon "Duplevo" - 15 minutes walking time from the village of Orehovo- a unique rock ensemble of a picturesque cave, in front of which every spring, pour sparkling waters into a beautiful waterfall. On top of the cliff, in the round holes, on the sheer stone wall, wild swallows nest.




Waterfall "Skakaloto"-village of Orehovo - 20 minutes walking time from the village, ice crystals can be found under the waterfall in the rock alcove until late summer.




Rocky Phenomenon “Kosten Kamak (Bone Rock) - a rocky niche sister to the "Wonderful bridges"; the greatness of the unique beauty of the "Kosten kamak" can be felt only if you go through the heart of the visitor. It is located 1.20 minutes walking time from the village of village of Orehovo.





"KUTSINSKO BLATO" - a natural habitat of the Lilium rhodopeum included in the "Red Book."



Sredni Livadi - protected area aiming to conserve centuries-old pine forests and the picturesque landscape.




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